Top 10  - Why Sell To Us
1..........We Pay Cash!
2...........We Come to You!
3...........We by as is
4...........We save you time
5...........No emission test
6...........Selling is quick & easy
7...........Free towing
8...........We buy cars/trucks/SUVs
9...........No title OK
10.........Professional service

Why Sell To Us?
At we understand how hard it is to sell a vehicle in today's busy
environment. Over the years our company has helped many people that needed to sell their car.

If you need to sell your vehicle for any reason- such us buying a new car,  getting out of debt, needing immediate cash,  military deployment, job transfer, moving, student, etc.- please contact us.

Here are just a few reasons why our service can be of help to you:

  • We Pay Cash!!!
  • We come to you!!!
  • We buy as is.
  • Save time and avoid stress.  
  • No emissions test required when you sell to us.
  • We work with local churches and non-profit organizations and can provide a tax right off for donated cars
  • No need to waste money on expensive newspaper ads and give your phone
         number and address to strangers and getting a lot of phone calls at inconvenient                times or meet them in some parking lot, plus you don't need to answer the same               questions over and over again. Their also is the worry of the abuse of your vehicle               during the test drive, uninsured drivers and unlicensed drivers.

  • If you are planning on buying a new vehicle, you will be in a stronger negotiating position when you have cash as a down payment rather then a trade in.
  • We do not charge any fees for our service and the towing is free


Easy as 1 2 3!
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Easy as 1 2 3!
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